Shario shario Jukebox Icon Jukebox Server

Play, control and share youtube videos jukebox style.

Project developed by olepetterhaugen

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The Jukebox Server plays youtube videos

The Shario Jukebox Server requires Microsoft Windows 7 or higher to run.


Question: Are there any known issues with the Jukebox Server?

    Some minor issues are known. They are not seen to reduce the user experience, and will be addressed in later releases:
    - When running on high DPI, text will be slightly blurred. The workaround is to set the set scale to 100% (default on most systems), or possibly to set Jukebox Server.exe properties to compatibility, Override High DPI Scaling Behavior, set to application in dropdown.

    - When playing certain videos on a older, windows 7 based computers, the videos will occationally show some flickering , about each 10 second.

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