Shario shario Jukebox Icon Jukebox Server

Play, control and share youtube videos jukebox style.

Project developed by olepetterhaugen


Welcome to the Shario JuxeBox PC Server!

With it, you can invite your friends and family to share youtube videos and music.

You can use it with a remote control on your phone.

The Youtube player for the PC is available from (this site)

The player, called JukeBox Server, is completely free, and has a one click install and setup.

The player is meant to be run on your pc , connected with your audio/video entertainment system.

From the phone app, remote control the videos playing. Select songs in a built in browser, or by using the youtube app, or the phones browsers share function.

Remote control the sound, including the master volume control. Remote control the screen size, including full screen and minimized.

Slide to change current video time, pause, mute, skip to next song, and more.

The App communicates with this player over Wifi. No setup required.

The App will display its cherry icon in green when the Player is running.

Select music and videos, and press the Cherry to submit and play in the player.

The songs or videos submitted will be stacked in the Players playlist. When several users are submitting videos, they will be presented in a round robin fashion, to allow averyone to participate in the song/video sharing.

The idea is to make it a social happening.

In the Player you can also store and load playlists from disk. Videos in these will be presented as playlist videos, and are intended as background music.

When a user submits music/videos, the current playlist background music will be postponed to play after the submitted video has completed.

We hope you and your friends enjoy the Shario JukeBox and the Youtube videos.

This Jukebox Server version number: 1.0.1

Release dated: 14.03.2018

Shario JukeBox was made by Ole Petter Haugen

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